[003] 3 of my TOP Hacks to Create MORE Time in Your Day!

Hey mama!


Do you feel like you are constantly overwhelmed and that you have zero time in your day to adequately work your business, let alone breathe… take time for self-care… and intentionally be with the kids?!


Listen, what you need is more time! I know… I hear you – BUT HOW, KRYSTAN?!


In today’s episode I am going to walk you through 3 hacks to creating more time and space in your day! (It’s easier than you think, friend). Omigosh! You are going to LOVE this!


These techniques for intentional time blocking and setting boundaries will help you determine the pillars in your life that need to be priorities. Because we all have the same amount of time in the day it’s critical that you are using your time wisely and intentionally.


The second tip discussed gives you the permission to  empower  leaders and  let them step  up  instead  of micromanaging  your team. When you empower people to lead or step up and provide them  with the  tools and  resources you will begin  to have  more  freedom  from  messages  and  questions, which will free up  your  time.


Lastly,  one of my favorite hacks is delegating  and  outsourcing. You don’t have  to spend a  ton of money to  outsource. Get  resourceful.  I give you some ideas to get started!  Also, check out these resources and links  below!

These are affiliate links and I do get discounts in return for sharing these codes but I do love these resources!

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Get your groceries delivered and get $10 off your first year membership with Shipt: http://share.shipt.com/BBDG7
Get organized with passion planner and get $5 off with this link: http://rwrd.io/hxgl4g2

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