[009] How to Find Time for Your Biz When Your Kids are Home-Tips for the Busy WAHMs & SAHMs


Hey Mama!

Here we are its almost Christmas its holiday break and your kids are HOME…for weeeeks…dun dun dun…if you are anything like me you aren’t just going to forget about your work from home business -you got GOALS SISTER and its about to be the New Year. So, in today’s episode I’m going to teach you how to. Find time to continue growing your business without losing the present moments you want to have with your kids during this really special couple of weeks. We will go through some time management hacks, some productivity and planning strategies and MORE. Grab your coffee its time to get prepared and get planning!

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Also, I am so excited to provide these tips for you to increase your productivity while your kiddos are home but also get ready to scale and grow with momentum into 2021! You will want to save the date and get into the Profit Playbook for Work at Home Mommas…you will not want to miss it…it will be January 11th and 12th hop into the group so you can be ready for the Profits Playbook workshop! See you in the group! Im telling you -YOU do NOT want to miss it! So excited to share this with you..so hop in here for the Profits Playbook for Work at Home Mommas 

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