[018] Real Talk- Mom Guilt. Do You Ever Wonder if You’re Doing a Good Job?


Hey mama!

In today’s episode we are just going to break down something that I have had on my heart to share with you. I feel like as working moms, we are FULL of guilt and maybe even shame around that fact that maybe we don’t’ play with our kids enough. We wonder if we are doing a good job, we wonder if it’s bad that we want to work and not play with the LEGOS and instead of talking about it we are sweeping it under the rug and wallowing in our mom guilt and our shame. LET’S STOP…Let’s bring it into the light, lets’ talk about that today.  I am going to go through some REAL talk and how tos in next week’s episode tp really make sure that your kids know that they are loved seen and heard. Let’s do this!


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