[019] Easy, Fun, Simple Ways to Make Sure Your Kids Know They are Loved, Seen and Heard


Hey Mama,

So last week we totally dug into this mom guilt concept around wondering if we are doing a good job as working moms and I hope that last week helped you feel equipped to know that you ARE! And there is always room to do a little bit better, but being equipped to with where you are is the starting point and I think the # 1 thing we identified last week is that we just want to make sure as moms that these beautiful little blessings  of ours know, they are LOVED, they are SEEN, and that they are HEARD and that they MATTER to us and if we are doing that – we are doing GREAT!

So, in today’s episode we are going to walk through easy simple fun tactical ways that you can implement into your daily life to make sure that your kids know this…and NO this is not going to take hours a day…some of these really simple easy tactical tips are 10-15 min a time and it matters it REALLY MATTERS…that we set o ur phones down and we intentionally show our children that they are number one inside of our hearts!  I hope that this helps you feel confident  that you are doing the most you possibly can for your little ones. Let’s do it!

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