[Ep 28] Why You Aren’t Making MONEY in Your MLM or Network Marketing Business


Hey Sis, 

Today we are going to have some real talk. Why are you actually not making money OR that much money in you MLM or Network Marketing business. We are just going to go deep and dig into those truths today so that you can begin making profits in your biz…let’s do it!

Also, need help gettin organized and going all in and creating a plan for your business…get my Six Figure Side Hustle Blueprint course here –> https://bit.ly/sixfiguresidehustleblueprint


If you don’t have a company or side hustle but want one-feel free to email me moretomotherhood@gmail.com! I would love to work with you and have you join our tribe!

P.S. Please join the More to Motherhood Facebook group where we share more tips on how to balance motherhood and being an entrepreneur. This is a community of the best and most amazing mamas, in my personal opinion, who are also hardworking mamas, like you, and they get you!


—-so whaddya say? Are you in? Join us!  


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