Do you have your Perfect Customer Avatar narrowed down?

Who’re you marketing to? It’s very important that you have them clearly in mind to create relevant content that will attract the right leads!

If you’re creating content and not getting the perfect clients in the door, this could be the reason- you need to create your target audience avatar and market to them!

I’ve put together a training and companion worksheet to help you get your avatar nailed down!

I’ll show you a few ways to utilize this avatar and speak through that filter on social media to attract your ideal recruits and customers to have people coming to YOU!

This has been the pivotal method I’ve implemented to have such success building my own business and attracting ROCKSTARS TO MY TEAM.

❤Step 1: Watch the full training here!

❤Step 2: Download the companion Avatar Creation worksheet HERE

“Krystan’s avatar program helped me to really think through who my ideal customer truly is & how I can help them. It also allowed me to realize who I don’t want to sell to or add to my team which I know now is equally important. Now when I post on social media or talk to a potential customer or promoter I am truly thinking of how I can help them. It feel authentic and once I started applying this into my daily posts, conversations, and lives my business increased and I was working with the people I truly wanted to help.” 

Blair Critch, Millionaire Award Earner

“I just back from a leadership retreat in Asheville, North Carolina where Krystan Samaniego did an amazing training on our avatar. She taught me that an  “avatar” is basically our target market and who we want to attract in our business. Krystan worked with me one on one and dug deep by asking a lot of questions to specifically help me  identify my ideal customer and business partner. We really got down to the nitty gritty of my avatar and how to use that to post on social media. Krystan helped me clearly identify who I want to attract to my business and gave me the confidence to speak through that filter on social media to clearly communicate and attract the right people! I highly recommend Krystan’s training and found a lot of value working with her! Thank you Krystan!”

– Kelly Booysen