[007] Creative MOJO! How to Craft Content That Converts in Your Online Business!


Hey Mamas!

Today we are learning today how you can tap into your Creative MOJO…that’s right!

How you can craft content that is going to convert in your online business, but how to do it more simply and seamlessly you have to spend less time doing multiple pieces of content and instead create one piece of great content. that you then re-purpose on all the platforms instead of showing up in all the places…while. feeling scattered and overwhelmed.

Doesn’t it sound so much better and more simple to just repurpose?!

So in today’s episode you are going to learn my simple strategy for  repurposing your content and creating STELLAR content and how to stay on brand and ultimately creating more leads for your business!

Okay! So are you excited because I know I am excited to share so lets dig in!


Today I share with you craft content that converts without losing your creative mojo. I also give you ideas for posting and remind you to constantly speak to your avatar when crafting content.

And of course I teach you all my hacks for re purposing your content to save you time so you can work smarter not harder.


One of my fave tools is trello-check it out at www.trello.com this isn’t an affiliate link I just love this free tool!


Also, this is such a fun topic and I truly enjoy training on creating content and getting your creative mojo flowing; which, means that I have multiple trainings in my group on content creation as well as how I use Trello for content creation as well….so after you listen and are loving this episode jump in my group MORE to Motherhood full mompreneurs just like yourself to get more juicy trainings and tips on creating stellar content! See you in the group! Click here to join!


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[006] Simple Systems That Free Up Time & Space for the Busy Work From Home Mom (WAHM)


Hey Mamas!

In today’s episode we are going to be learning how to set up simple systems that are not only going to free up your time and create more space for those of you who feel really super busy and overwhelmed. You can’t run a business reactively you have to start being procative! So, in this episode I’m going to teach you some super simple systems that are going to create more automation, duplication and simplicity in all the different things you are doing. I think you are really going to love the way that this creates time, space and intentionality for you!

I walk you through creating automated trainings, onboarding and launches; as well as other tools to help you streamline and systemize your business.

Click here to get the one stream live link and discount!

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[005] Time Blocking Strategies for Staying Present & Purposeful in Motherhood and Business


Hey Loves!

In this episode we will. Be going through how to stay present and purposeful as a mom while you are building or starting your online business. You have to have boundaries, you have to also set up the time blocking strategies and systems so that not only. can you have more efficiency on the business side but so that you can also actually be more present as a mom, because I know you can truly have both! I’m going to show you how, so let’s dive in!


I hear you mamas! The number one thing I hear most is that “I don’t have enough time” or “I wish I had more hours in my day”…but the truth is you can intentionally use strategies to time block out your day and truly have the business you want and have that quality time with your family.


In this episode I literally breakdown how to build out your calendar to time block to the minute…even if you work full time, even if you are a SAHM, WAHM or your schedule changes daily. I have tried everything and what I teach you on this episode – IT WORKS!


If you need help blocking and breaking down your time and creating a schedule email me to schedule a Time Blocking Breakthrough session email me here.


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[004] Business Branding Basics for the Busy Boss Mom


Hey Mama!

Welcome back!

In this episode we will be going through the business branding basics that you need know when it comes to starting or fine tuning your online business. You gotta know who you are talking to, why it matters and what your solutions are and ultimately what your platform is going to be so that you can have more success…you are going to love this episode!


You will be able to uncover your MORE to Motherhood -your passion or business if you don’t already have one and then we break down step by step how to create your standout online brand for your business. We discuss attracting and serving your ideal audience or avatar as well as what platform to show up on Social Media.


This is absolutely one of my favorite topics to talk about! So, grab a pen and paper and let’s have some fun!


Also, don’t forget  to grab my branding workbook which has all the questions you need to answer to come up with an amazing standout brand that is authentic to you! So jump on into my group and grab it- it is located in the files tab… the link is MORE to Motherhood Community


Also happening right now is my 5 day free masterclass that will also give you live trainings with me to develop your brand and and you can ask me questions LIVE in the group! See you in there! MORE to Motherhood Community

[003] 3 of my TOP Hacks to Create MORE Time in Your Day!

Hey mama!


Do you feel like you are constantly overwhelmed and that you have zero time in your day to adequately work your business, let alone breathe… take time for self-care… and intentionally be with the kids?!


Listen, what you need is more time! I know… I hear you – BUT HOW, KRYSTAN?!


In today’s episode I am going to walk you through 3 hacks to creating more time and space in your day! (It’s easier than you think, friend). Omigosh! You are going to LOVE this!


These techniques for intentional time blocking and setting boundaries will help you determine the pillars in your life that need to be priorities. Because we all have the same amount of time in the day it’s critical that you are using your time wisely and intentionally.


The second tip discussed gives you the permission to  empower  leaders and  let them step  up  instead  of micromanaging  your team. When you empower people to lead or step up and provide them  with the  tools and  resources you will begin  to have  more  freedom  from  messages  and  questions, which will free up  your  time.


Lastly,  one of my favorite hacks is delegating  and  outsourcing. You don’t have  to spend a  ton of money to  outsource. Get  resourceful.  I give you some ideas to get started!  Also, check out these resources and links  below!

These are affiliate links and I do get discounts in return for sharing these codes but I do love these resources!

Get a VA or someone to help you in your business with fiverr you will get 20% off with your first order:

Get your groceries delivered and get $10 off your first year membership with Shipt: http://share.shipt.com/BBDG7
Get organized with passion planner and get $5 off with this link: http://rwrd.io/hxgl4g2

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[002] Calling All Mompreneurs, Mom Bosses, and SAHM’s!!! Permission to RISE!

Welcome back!

Today we are going to talk about what is holding  you back from rising to your full potential and keeping you from achieving those big audacious dreams!

Maybe the mom-guilt is holding you back or maybe you are afraid of what others will think of you, that fear of judgement or analysis paralysis keeping you stuck?  Listen, whatever is holding you back we are going to smash through those beliefs today – because you have permission to RISE!

Honestly, no matter what your limiting belief is, or what is holding you back …you CAN overcome it! And that’s what we will do in today’s episode with a little strategy, tough love and motivation you will walk away from this episode knowing how to navigate the setbacks and limiting beliefs that creep in.

I also give a little homework in this episode.  Be ready to grab a pen and paper and take inventory of what is holding you back with honesty and without judgement.  I felt like I was forced into this mindset, but you are here willingly (You GO girl!!!).

Once you’ve completed your HW, come on over and share them in our Facebook community (bit.ly/MOREtomotherhood) with other empowered mamas who will lift you up and cheer you on!

P.S. Bonus 5 day EFT tapping and Manifestation Masterclass replay in still up in the group! Just another tool to help you bust through your limiting beliefs and SCALE! Let’s do this!

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